About Us

XMA develop, deliver and maintain innovative IT solutions that enhance how people learn, teach, govern, deliver healthcare and do business. We firmly believe that one size does not fit all and we will tailor make a solution to suit your individual needs.

We are a compliant route to purchase, with presence on local and national frameworks for hardware, software, supplies and services. Our accreditations with BSI – ISO 9001, 14001, 20000–1 and 27001 – are a hallmark of excellence and demonstrate our focus on meeting quality, environmental, service and information security management standards.

Our device solutions are designed to ensure endless performance and best value, whilst empowering your users with the latest in technology and innovation. By working closely with our team of consultants, we can confidently tailor our solutions to meet your exact needs.

The Viglen range of desktop PCs from XMA was designed specifically with Education in mind. From ultra–small form factors and All–in–Ones to traditional tower cases, there is a PC to suit any kind of deployment. All our PCs are built around the key vectors of performance, flexibility, manageability, style and value, resulting in a versatile computer that's equally suited to single desk and whole organisation deployments.